Printed books are all well and good, but perhaps you would like to publish your book as an eBook, either instead or as well as? It usually takes more than simply converting the book data, as the results of this are invariably less than satisfactory. As specialists in InDesign and eBook publishing, we will be pleased to carry out the necessary finishing process for you, and will also adapt the content to the new medium if you desire. This includes the additional possibilities that an eBook offers.

If existing data is to be used, we will correct any "errors" in the layout files. Alternatively, we can edit your eBooks to add hyperlinks directly to the Web, which significantly reduces the time and costs for updating travel guides, for instance.
Of course, we will also be pleased to design and produce new eBooks for you for all the usual readers.

iPad and handheld productions

We work with
  • all source formats: InDesign, QuarkXPress, Word, XML, HTML, PDF, scan
  • all target formats: EPub, Mobypocket, Reflowable PDF, Flash Book
  • all readers, e.g. Kindle and Sony, and the Apple family readers (iPad, iPhone, iPod)